Monday, September 16, 2013

Birth of Benson Michael Rose

August 12, 2013

During work around 9:00am I began having contractions.  By 1:00pm I was still having contractions, nothing that hurt, but I was getting physically tired of them.  At 2:30pm I called my doctors office and with there advice I left for triage.  Arriving at triage around 3:00pm, they checked me and I was 3.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced (same as I was in the dr's office 1 wk prior).  After monitoring Bensons heart rate and my contractions around 3:30pm I was asked to go walk around the floor for 1 hour then come back and get checked again.  So walk walk I did.  Mind you I was still in my work clothes and sandals (since that was the only shoe that fit my incredibly swollen feet) walking away.  Arriving back to triage about 4:30pm hoping for the best, I was checked again. 4cm. progress but not much.  So, hooked back up to hear Bensons heart rate and monitor my contractions once again they decided to have me go walk another hour.  Bummer.  At about 5:00pm I started walking again.  Speed walk I did!!! Contractions started heating up longer and quicker.  6:00pm came (Matt finally arrived) and I went back to triage again hoping for the best.  4cm. DAMN!  However they and I could tell my contractions were stronger.  After much deliberation with the dr on call, they decided to go ahead a have an ultrasound to see how big Benson was since I was to have a growth ultrasound the next morning.  So, since the ultrasound tech had to come from across town...I got to walk for another hour around 7:00pm. Awesome!  this time 4.5cm! YES! Ultrasound tech got there about 8:30pm measured him right at 9lbs 5oz and healthy.  I was having much stronger contractions by this point and was very uncomfortable.  Matt could tell that once I started focusing and not talking during the contractions that Bensons could very much be on his way.  The dr decided that I was in the "grey area" of being admitted.  I was not amused.  I told Matt that I could not go home feeling like this and that we would be right back here in a few hours.  9:00pm,  getting ADMITTED! Matt had a private discussion with the nurse telling her to have the anesthesiologist waiting for the epidural, what a great hubby!  Apparently I wasn't screaming enough like the others crazies so I didn't get a room till around 10:30pm!  Within 15 minutes of getting my room there walks in the lovely anesthesiologist!  Pain relief!!

August 13, 2013

Around 1:45am my water was broken since I was not progressing beyond 5cm.  At this point they don't check you very often because the risk for infections goes up once the water is broken.  I got a little sleep but anyone who's been in this situation knows that with the IV, monitors there is no way to get comfy.  About 5:00am I was complaining of my back hurting and that I couldn't get comfortable.  The nurse kept asking if I had to push, I said I'm numb..duh...So this back and forth went on till about 6:00am when she decided to check me and realized that I was 10cm 100% effaced and that I was having back labor.  So, here we go! kinda.  The nurse said we needed to wait an hour for her to call the dr and get the room set up.  Around 7:00am the nurse wanted me to do 2 trial pushes to see if Benson, potentially being big, would drop down and progress on his own.  She realized very quickly that he was coming fast.  Pushing put on hold.  Finally, around 7:35am the dr arrived.  2 more pushes and around 10 mins later at 7:46am Benson Michael Rose was born! Weighing in at 9lbs 5oz and 21 1/4" long.  One healthy big baby boy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Birth of Sydnee

March 22, 2010 Sydnee's due date
Today I went to work a little discouraged that miss Sydnee had not decided to arrive. I came home took my 40 wk pics sent them to family at 6:40 ish and sat down to a taco dinner. I was doing the dishes around 7:30pm when I felt an abnormal amt of fluid hit my undies (gross I know). Nervousness officially set in. I decided to jump into the shower to freshen up. I got done with my shower and Matt of course asked why I had just taken a shower. I explained that I peed my pants. He asked did your water break? I said I have no idea (in a high pitched uncertain voice). So at this point he decided to take a shower himself just in case it was time and I called triage to ask there point of view of what I should do. Triage: You need to come it and get checked out. Called mom and dad and started the conversation with "don't get your hopes up but..." regardless what I said to mom it didn't matter her and dad were on there way. In Triage 8:30pm I was hooked up to baby monitors for her heart rate and to watch my contractions. The nurse came in and did the exam to test whether my water had broken or if it was just leaking. Not 2 sec into the exam I felt the official "gush" Oh boy!!! Water was now indeed broken all the way. I looked at the nurse and said "I'm not going home am I" She laughed and said no, your definitely getting admitted. So now the labor begins :)

March 23, 2010 Sydnee Is Born
Pitocin started flowing at 3:30am. I was still 3cm dilated and 70% effaced at this point and since labor wasn't progressing on its own the doctors felt starting labor was important since my water had already broken. Pitocin starts at 1 and goes up to 20 in the dosage amts given to increase or decrease labor. Every hr I watched the level go from 1..2..4..6..8..10 8:30am. Oh boy the intensity of contractions was definitely going up.
Epidural is your friend!!!!! I waited about 30 mins to long to ask for the epidural at this time my contractions were every 2 mins lasting for 30 sec each at around 10am. Now I don't want to sound like a wienie but this was not a fun time at all!!! I started getting nauseous and sweating and did not tolerate the pain very well!!! Its like extreme menstrual cramps not a gas feeling just a crazy uncontrollable pain. getting the Epidural 11am was super easy I didn't even feel it. Now sitting still hunched over through 4 contractions while waiting for them to get the epidural in is not an easy task. I tell you when that epidural set in it was such an instant relief. At this point since I hadn't slept at all, at the advice of my doctor we kicked everyone out of the room and let me take a nap. Right after epidural 5cm dilated.
The nurse came in around 2pm to check me once again and said "you are ready to go" 10 cm dilated 100% effaced finally! She changed my position so I was sitting more upright just to help Sydnee drop a bit more and to make the pushing a bit easier. She left and said we would start pushing in about an hr. Excitement!

3pm Pushing super easy! I could still feel when a contraction was starting just because of pressure so I knew exactly when to push. It was a really cool experience because only Matt, the nurse and myself were in the room right until Sydnee was almost here then my doctor and a couple other nurses came in for the arrival :)

3:45pm Sydnee is HERE!!! yeah!

Matt did not want to witness the birth in the manor of which he did (he saw it all!) However, he was an amazing support for me and I truly believe this experience brings out a love between two people and creates a stronger bond. Now we are a family :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

38 wk update

Had my dr appt yesterday and I am dilated to 3cm!!! why I am not having contractions to go along with that is beyond me. Tomorrow is my birthday and although it doesn't seem as if Sydnee will make her appearance, Mom, Dad, Casey, Brooke, Matt and I are going to dinner to celebrate :) back to dr doesn't think she is big at all, average size is the way she put it. She also mentioned that she will not let me go beyond 41 wks which is March 29 so extra reassurance that Sydnee will be here for sure this month!! Can't Wait!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March Update

So it is officially the birth month of our lil Sydnee!!!! I am officially on my "lovely" once a wk appointments to check for dilating. Last week at 37 wks I was 1/2 cent dilated which being that it was 3 wks till my due date i'll take it! next appt is this tuesday at 9am so I am hoping for some additional progress :) Perhaps a birthday surprise??? hmmm Doubt it but I am just getting so darn anxious to meet Sydnee!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


where to begin...
last week started out with a bang literally! I was rear ended on I-5 only going about 20 but regardless it definitely shakes you up. The gentleman was really nice exchanged info and went on our way. The next day I called my Dr just as a precaution and of course I was told to come in for monitoring...uggh! So for the next hr I got to sit and listen to baby girls heartbeat to make sure she was a-ok! of course she was! phew!!! haha The truck is getting fixed this coming week...not much damage but you always want to keep nice stuff nice :) What else...Christmas duh...We went to mom and dads for our last Christmas as just the 5 of was a really weird feeling but exciting all the same :) Next year we'll have Brook and Baby Girl Rose joining the fam!! fun times! anywho had a wonderful time much to short but much needed at the same time. Santa was very good to all of us as it seemed to be a practical year for gifts and not so much about "wants". Ate way to much food...and paid for it at my 28 wk appt...uggh! 22lbs up..yikes! Dr wasn't too concerned but wasn't too happy either. She really wants me to watch myself these last weeks and make sure that I am not gaining too much more. So what do I do..I came to work and ate a cinnamon roll...haha DR!!!! Baby girl is also measuring a wk ahead still so they are definitely monitoring that as time gets closer. Still no name! hopefully we can settle on one very soon.....k goodbye!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Casey and Brooke Engagement

So I am sure by now everyone knows that Casey asked...and Brooke said "yes"! I am so happy that Casey has found his life partner in someone that is so kind, outgoing just an all around amazing woman. It has been only 2 days and so much has been planned! I love that this girl takes after me and doesn't waste anytime getting things done :) I also got a phone call from Brooke today asking me if I would be a bridesmaid! It may seem small to many but I felt very honored that she felt that highly of me to have me stand up there with her and Casey at their wedding. I am very excited for the wonderful 2010 that lies ahead :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

24 wk checkup

I had my 24 wk appt today all of which went well :) Baby Girl is still growing and the heartbeat was strong! Dr. Albrecht did mention that my belly was measuring at 25 wks but that no need to worry about the possibility of going into labor early at this time! I am fine with early!!!! Perhaps another March 11 bday? hmmm.

We got our changing table today :) Thanks to mom and dad Rose!!!!!! I put it together and Matt helped with the finishing touches! The room is coming together!!!