Monday, September 16, 2013

Birth of Benson Michael Rose

August 12, 2013

During work around 9:00am I began having contractions.  By 1:00pm I was still having contractions, nothing that hurt, but I was getting physically tired of them.  At 2:30pm I called my doctors office and with there advice I left for triage.  Arriving at triage around 3:00pm, they checked me and I was 3.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced (same as I was in the dr's office 1 wk prior).  After monitoring Bensons heart rate and my contractions around 3:30pm I was asked to go walk around the floor for 1 hour then come back and get checked again.  So walk walk I did.  Mind you I was still in my work clothes and sandals (since that was the only shoe that fit my incredibly swollen feet) walking away.  Arriving back to triage about 4:30pm hoping for the best, I was checked again. 4cm. progress but not much.  So, hooked back up to hear Bensons heart rate and monitor my contractions once again they decided to have me go walk another hour.  Bummer.  At about 5:00pm I started walking again.  Speed walk I did!!! Contractions started heating up longer and quicker.  6:00pm came (Matt finally arrived) and I went back to triage again hoping for the best.  4cm. DAMN!  However they and I could tell my contractions were stronger.  After much deliberation with the dr on call, they decided to go ahead a have an ultrasound to see how big Benson was since I was to have a growth ultrasound the next morning.  So, since the ultrasound tech had to come from across town...I got to walk for another hour around 7:00pm. Awesome!  this time 4.5cm! YES! Ultrasound tech got there about 8:30pm measured him right at 9lbs 5oz and healthy.  I was having much stronger contractions by this point and was very uncomfortable.  Matt could tell that once I started focusing and not talking during the contractions that Bensons could very much be on his way.  The dr decided that I was in the "grey area" of being admitted.  I was not amused.  I told Matt that I could not go home feeling like this and that we would be right back here in a few hours.  9:00pm,  getting ADMITTED! Matt had a private discussion with the nurse telling her to have the anesthesiologist waiting for the epidural, what a great hubby!  Apparently I wasn't screaming enough like the others crazies so I didn't get a room till around 10:30pm!  Within 15 minutes of getting my room there walks in the lovely anesthesiologist!  Pain relief!!

August 13, 2013

Around 1:45am my water was broken since I was not progressing beyond 5cm.  At this point they don't check you very often because the risk for infections goes up once the water is broken.  I got a little sleep but anyone who's been in this situation knows that with the IV, monitors there is no way to get comfy.  About 5:00am I was complaining of my back hurting and that I couldn't get comfortable.  The nurse kept asking if I had to push, I said I'm numb..duh...So this back and forth went on till about 6:00am when she decided to check me and realized that I was 10cm 100% effaced and that I was having back labor.  So, here we go! kinda.  The nurse said we needed to wait an hour for her to call the dr and get the room set up.  Around 7:00am the nurse wanted me to do 2 trial pushes to see if Benson, potentially being big, would drop down and progress on his own.  She realized very quickly that he was coming fast.  Pushing put on hold.  Finally, around 7:35am the dr arrived.  2 more pushes and around 10 mins later at 7:46am Benson Michael Rose was born! Weighing in at 9lbs 5oz and 21 1/4" long.  One healthy big baby boy!

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